The Bohemian Behemoth

by Señor Gigio

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"In this life, your existence will hold a million different meanings to a million different people. You will be loved, hated and feared. But what if your service to the greater good is to become a monster?"

"The giant Behemoth, the fire spitting monster predicted in the Bible! Its core a mass of lethal radiation. Rising from the depths of time, its strength enormous! Its gargantuan ferocity a threat to the world itself!"

And so the time has come! After nearly 5 + years of sitting on this gem, I've decided to release "The Bohemian Behemoth". This album serves as my first musical autobiography. With intent, I explored my life, my story and my identity and wrote this album. This work has been the closest to my heart this whole time. In my mind, I was sitting on it, holding back from releasing, anticipating a day that shit would pop off for me and I'd release this album and everybody would go bonkers and enjoy this shit. But I'm not even trippin' like that anymore. I've recorded over 600 songs since 2006 and I'm on my way to doing more than a thousand before I turn dirty thirty in 3 years. I have more music to make and release and its time to let go of my baby beast.

If you listen to this, listen to it from start to finish in one sitting. This album is a rollercoaster the way I wanted it to be. I'm very blessed to have had the beats from All_Key & Dren Doh. They gave me their best they had to give for my hungry spirit to create. I cherish the time I had being able to work alongside Associated Fresh. I could've reached out to other producers, of course, but it was important to me to make this particular album with beats strictly by All_Key & Dren Doh. I wanted nothing but Associated Fresh in-house production 'cause those were my brothers. And since I planned to go so deep into the depths of my heart and soul and tell my life story like I had never done before, I wanted my brothers' beats because I felt so much love for them and their music (AND I STILL DO)!

Peep the artwork and what-not. I did that. There's a little comic strip I concocted included in the download. In my mind, I envisioned what I now define as a Scorpsquatch... A Scorpsquatch is a Scorpion / Sasquatch hybrid (I'm a Scorpio). Three-eyed with gorilla arms, feet and body, and gifted with mysitcal powers and defense mechanisms. If you peep the comic, you'll see the nods to Spiderman and Hulk, off tops, and I sprinkle in some mushroom magic. ;)

I am really proud of "The Bohemian Behemoth". I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired. Share it with your friends and family. Slap that shit. Its my life story, y'all. If you love your boy then you'll love this because this is me. I wrote this album at my highest self of love because that's what I wanna give y'all, 'cause I got so much love for y'all.

Aiight y'all, that's it. Bump this shit. And don't forget, I'm the motherfuckin' Bohemian Behemoth!

One love,


released December 8, 2014

Artwork & Story by GiGiO
Rhymes by GiGiO (w/ features from L*Roneous, Equipto, Jaymar AKA All_Key & Fluent)
Beats by Jaymar AKA All_Key & Dren Doh
Recorded & Mixed by GiGiO
at the former Crop Circles Studio (Fairfield, CA)
Mastered by CID VI$HIZZZ
Executive produced by GiGiO & Jaymar AKA All_KEY



all rights reserved


Señor Gigio San Francisco, California

Whether it be through rapping highly-technical yet funky dope flows, crooning bluesy soul ballads or experimenting with bold alternative sounds, Señor Gigio doses his audience with the pure magic that life itself is made of.

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Track Name: The Grand Sunz ft. Fluent
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