Jupiter (produced by Simon Says)

by Notorious Boris X GiGiO

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2thousand rappers just got slain by the force
that I swang with the sword
my slang metaphors
aimed at you whores
doing vampire porn
Banish you fucks, str8 to the morgue
Regulators, Nate Dogg on the chorus
Shit bang like the hammer of Thor
Pandora's box, who opened the door?
Cuz now I see how you donners party
I go hard on you zombies like Marcus Garvey, No rastafari
but you can see me in the whirlwind
collectin' heads for my trophy cases
grey alien skulls, so pray for your soul
I go Genghis Khan on you athiest hoes
Me & Boris lookin' like the Jack & Mac
Kill a George Bush & send his carcass to Iraq, now why's that? when I rap
make you punk devils wanna burn a cross
If you don't like my shit, bitch then turn it off

(Notorious Boris)
Str8 up out the torture chamber, the dragon tamers
the cats that be nameless
They be hatin' how our nuts be hangin', ain't behavin'
Problem child with the rhymes that's wild
with the foulest mouth from around that town
where the land is cursed, them golden hills
where the blood's been spilled, water that dirt
whose thirst is real
Unsheathed my sword, carry my shield
Going to war in the killing fields
where the fiends roll deep, the fiends str8 beast
they f*** they dog & they rape they sheep
That's what it is, it ain't a lie
These motha f*** boys tryna take what's mine
Make my day, and they meet that time
where they meet that grave fulla shame & cryin'

They goin' stupider out in Jupiter
They goin' stupider out in Jupiter
They goin' stupider out in Juptier
They goin' stupider out in Jupiter

Yo the hills have eyes, shit is real trillbillyville
Man these ill inbreds really kill
& the feds don't really care
Look around, there's no authorities anywhere
Norman Bates with Texas chainsaws
tryna storm my gates & take my brains y'all
The weak get shackled & chained to walls in trailers
like the Pulp Fiction gimp & ate later
What? I say a prayer & I hold my nuts
I'm tryna make it home safe to my woman & fuck
It's been a nightmare since the moment I woke up
Twisted off shrooms
Marooned & doomed
Nah fuck that, I'm killin' you hoes
Goomy Bear general, militant role
Drillin' ya skull & ya wig get cracked
then we lit up the show at the Gypsy Shack

(Notorious Boris)
Str8 up out the torture chamber
Don't lose your way when you hit them woods
up in them hills
eyeballs roll
smoke & pills, str8 fiendin'
Poo' ass rural folk in trailer parks, str8 tweakin'
Methamphetamine epidemic, dirt on denims
steeltoe boots & wife beaters
Country boys shoot the heater
Shotties, automatics, hand cannons, deuce deuce, nine millimeter
All up in this mess, incest & alcoholism
Family plannin' a party when daddy come home from prison
Country bumpkins how we livin', my ninja, we ignorant
Oops I mean ignant, like what the heck is the internet?
Stay lifted like pickups on highway 49
Out here deep in these hills, bruh, struglin' to survive

They goin' stupider out in Jupiter
They goin' stupider out in Jupiter
They goin' stupider out in Juptier
They goin' stupider out in Jupiter


released May 4, 2015
performed by Notorious Boris & GiGiO
additional howling by Toby (the dog)
produced by Simon Says.
recorded & mixed by MD in Fool's Gold stoogio.



all rights reserved


Señor Gigio San Francisco, California

Whether it be through rapping highly-technical yet funky dope flows, crooning bluesy soul ballads or experimenting with bold alternative sounds, Señor Gigio doses his audience with the pure magic that life itself is made of.

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